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Public Involvement and Participation

Public Involvement and Participation

The City of Monroe Engineering Department offers three exciting volunteer programs for citizens to be engaged in stormwater pollution prevention in our city with the goal of protection local creeks and lakes.

These programs provides families, local business owners, civic groups, neighborhood organizations, youth groups, churches and academic institutions the opportunity to become involved in an environmental program that helps to protect our local surface waters. The objectives of these programs are to increase community involvement and awareness of the City’s water resources, develop watershed-based environmental education, increase reporting of water quality problems, and to improve water quality and stream habitat

These free, fun, and educational programs are a critical component of the City’s stormwater pollution prevention effort. The City of Monroe’s Stormwater Public Participation Programs available for school groups, classes, civic groups and clubs include:

Adopt-A-Stream ProgramAdopt a Stream Kids

Streams and creeks in the City of Monroe serve many uses, ranging from carrying stormwater runoff to providing habitat for fish, turtles, birds and other wildlife. Groups are assigned a designated steam reach to clean-up biannually. By committing to the program, your group or organization agrees to collect litter along your adopted stream twice a year for at least two years.

Storm Drain Marking Program

Stormdrain Marking Student

City of Monroe’s storm drain marking program is a way for residents of all ages to get involved in improving the water quality of the city’s streams and lakes. Volunteers will place markers on the edge of city storm drains. The markers remind citizens that only rainwater should go down these drains. The storm drain marking program is a simple yet effective way to help educate our citizens and remind everyone that storm water does not get treated, it travels directly to our creeks and streams.


Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring ProgramWater Monitor Kids

World Water Monitoring Challenge (WWMC) is  offered by The City of Monroe as part of our Stormwater Pollution Prevention Public Participation            Program. Stormwater runoff is the leading cause of impairment of our nation’s lakes and streams.   The program is an education and awareness activity that connects communities members with their local water bodies and promotes watershed protection.


The City of Monroe works hard to protect the water quality in local streams and lakes. It is essential that citizens become involved in protecting the health of our local water bodies. To participate in a Volunteer Program, please contact:  NPDES Stormwater Coordinator at 704-282-4535.